Made in Laos

What we are trying to do is to build a "bridge" using this website, so we can connect Laos with world. Here, you will find all kinds of products which are made locally. And the beauty is that all products are handmade or homemade.

Made in Laos

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The Plateau where our unique SPECIALTY COFFEE comes from. Watch...

  • Coffee & Tea

    We are very proud to say that our coffee and tea got world standard which is absolutely unique. Our coffee received 87+ points in 2021. We have tee trees which are over 450 years old. What does this all means? UNIQUE in taste.

  • Handmade

    All products are handmade and this is the main reason why each item is unique in color, shape etc. Keep in mind that each purchase you make, you buy a unique product. But most important is that automatically support a village.

  • Lao Fashion

    Timeless in beauty and style. Every ethnic group has their own style and their own signature. From north to south every piece has their own specialty. Some pieces are more than 1.000 USD because it takes months to finish it.

  • Food

    Almost all ingredients you can get it where you live but why we still offer it here is that you will support lao people directly and sometimes a whole village depends which product you are purchasing.